A busy week

Its been a busy week for Moel Faban secret supper club. I’ve been flat-out trying to transform this from a venture in an embryonic stage of development, to something i’m confident will work and be enjoyed by many. I’m overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm I’ve received by everyone excited about the idea  (although some of my friends are afraid they will always have to pay for their dinner when they come round!!).

Apart from doing lots of talking I’ve been out hunting for suppliers, local sources and alternatives to the supermarket. I’m (almost) sure I can ‘sack the supermarket’….big claims I know!!!….The co-op is the only one on my allowed list and this being Wales, it probably means I will have to forego some of the more exotic ingredients you might find living in a city. We don’t have that array of multicultural areas where you can easily pick up sweet potatoes, yams, etc etc….these, as far as I know, are only stocked by Tesco or the like (If anyone knows different please, please tell me!!)

Anyway, I started by visiting suppliers and enterprises that I already knew about, or visited regularly, first of which was Williams & Sons the butchers. Established in 1870, Williams and Son is the only remaining butchers on Bangor High Street (out of about 26 that once had shops there). It’s a friendly, family owned business, a local institution, with many loyal customers. Paul Pritchard Jones (the manager and ‘the son’ in the business) told me that a large proportion of their meat is local and they are aware of its provenance. We discussed the type of meat I wanted and I discovered that he was able to get me almost anything (including organic meat, free-range organic chicken, seasonal etc) and all local, which with any luck means an end to me buying supermarket meat!

So thank you to Paul for taking the time to talk to me and answer my many questions, and even letting me take some pictures!

Further updates on local sources and the menu for the 8th and 9th of October will be posted shortly

Denise xx

Paul in the shop with a side of Welsh Black beef

Paul in the shop with a side of Welsh Black beef

Williams & Sons the only remaining local butcher on Bangor High Street

Williams & Sons the only remaining local butcher on Bangor High Street


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