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Joginders comes to Moel Faban

the date for the North Indian feast has now been confirmed as the 20th February…spaces will be limited so get in quick!!

Denise x

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They came, they saw and they said “nah mate”!

the snowy street


You might remember back in September, when supper club was just starting out, that I wrote about my kitchen sink drama. To be precise, the leak under my sink, the damage to my kitchen and the long awaited visit by the insurance assessor (who I was convinced would say that it wasn’t an insurance job).

Four months on the drama continues. Behind the scenes the insurance company confirmed, against expectation, that they would provide me with a brand spanking new kitchen. Hooray!!! The job was passed to the building company and their joiner came out to measure up. I negotiated over the design, which for a small additional fee would give me extra workspace and some space for a new range to be fitted.

It was all proceeding slowly, but surely until December. I asked the builders not to try not to clash with supper club dates since I needed space and water (they said I might be without a sink for a few days). They agreed and said they would be in touch so I waited to hear from them….and then I waited some more. I still hadn’t heard by the time we left for a family pre Christmas visit to London on the 14th December. Oh well, I thought, I would get in touch on our return.

When we finally made it home (we’d been delayed by the snow for a day) and as I listened to my answer-phone messages I realised the joiner had been desperately trying to contact us. I called him up straight away. “Sorry, we were away” I said, “I guessed as much after the sixth message” he said. He only wanted to measure the sink again and then he’d be done and he would be finished. But the kitchen wouldn’t be in before Christmas he said; again they didn’t want to leave us without water over the Christmas. We waited some more.

And then the snow came….

I haven’t been able to get my car near my house since Christmas. Living above the snow line can be great fun, but it also has its down side. We are now into the second week of being totally snowed in, but those who live below the snow line don’t always understand this. I think they believe we are exaggerating, like the builder who decided he was ready to fit the kitchen last Wednesday. He phoned in the morning, the other half spoke him, I could tell the builder was asking when he could come to us

“Have you got a four wheel drive, or even better a tractor?” I heard him say.

The builder was adamant that he wanted to deliver the kitchen so it was ‘on site’ and since ‘his boys’ were doing a job one road down it seemed silly not to get on with it.

“Did you not tell him what it was like” I said. “Well, yes, but he was adamant” said Sean. Oh well, we’ll see what happens then I thought.

A couple of hours later two blokes knocked on the door, “his boys” I presumed. They shook their heads and said “nah mate, we won’t be able to get up here for a few days yet”. We smiled and nodded our heads…I think that’s what we said!

So now seven days on and after another heavy snow fall last night we are snowed in yet again. No new kitchen as yet. But I am now hoping we will defrost by the time our next supper club arrives on the 25th otherwise diners will have to come in ski gear!!…This is one drama which looks as though its going to run into a few more acts before the new kitchen is finally installed.

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