The Underground Farmers market

It can be a lonely existence being a supper club hostess in North Wales. I am only one of two supper clubs in Wales and still the only one in the North, so the Underground Farmers market provided me with a wonderful opportunity to meet other supper clubbers, share stories and food and generally have a sociable afternoon.

My little table with cheese, Bara Brith and Welsh cakes

Fab coffee contraptions and fab coffee by Dose

'The shed' doing a bit of weaving outside the shed

The Shed

The gazebos' with stall holders

Rachel from with her curds and Lex from with her beautiful napkins which the teen cheekily tried to swap a loaf of Bara Brith for...nice try!!

lots of lovely cakes

Kavita from Kavey eats with her Indian chutneys and jams

cupcakes galore!!

msmarmitelover giving her Focaccia shots demo

Focaccia shots...which were very moreish!!

Cocktails on the ironing board

As this was the first event I have attended with produce to sell I wasn’t sure what to expect, so it was with some trepidation that I turned up laden with cheeses and with a variety of Welsh cakes.  The cheeses were all locally made, the first from Rhyd y Delyn Farm on Anglesey, and the second from the Snowdonia cheese company . unbelievably I’d sold them all within the first hour! I wish i’d brought double the number. The cakes did less well. Probably because there was a plethora of fantastic looking cakes on sale, the visitors were spoilt for choice!

This wasn’t a disaster as in true bartering-economy style (something we are very good at in Wales) I went off on a swapsie mission, ‘a cake for a cake’….which most people were up for. I came home with an amazing array of different and very yummy cakes…my favourites of which were Suki & me’s fancies ( ) and afternoon tea at 410’s ( Anzac biscuits and brownies. We also had some wonderful Portuguese banana cakes and coconut cakes, pork pies, Mama Lan pancakes, lemon curd, coffee and cocktails. The teen bought Tourette’s biscuits and rude magnets for all her friends from evidently they were ‘legend’ and I bought some extra virgin rapeseed oil from the lovely Charlie (our next door neighbour)

It was also great watching the cookery displays; a totally inspired idea to include them and in their turn inspiring, as I am now going to attempt to make cheese and Focaccia shots!

I probably spent my profits, but what the hell, it was a wonderful day it didn’t rain, I met so many interesting people so all power to msmarmitelover for opening up her home to host it….hopefully there will be many more to come in the future

Denise x


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2 responses to “The Underground Farmers market

  1. Pete (The Shed's Dad)

    It was a great day, we (Shed’s Mum and I) really enjoyed it, though we started out with some trepidation, as we hadn’t been to such an event before. We met some really nice people.


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