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Sunny garden exploits

It feels as if I haven’t blogged for ages. I guess its one of those things; when its cold and dull we talk a lot about what were doing, or going to be doing when the weather improves… then the sun comes out and we just get out there and ‘do’, and of course that’s exactly what I’ve been up to.

After a run of weekly supper clubs and private parties, a couple of hectic weekends (we had tickets to the radio 1 big weekend and of course with teens around we quickly became embroiled in all the excitement of having a rake of celebrities at large in our home town), and some time out to go camping we are now starting to focus on upcoming dates and producing our own veg and fruit to serve up…..The bonus of having some time out is that the garden is now looking glorious. The unprecedented warm spell has created an abundance of lush green foliage and we have heaps of tiny sprouting seedlings which will hopefully all grow into fantastic organic produce.

Although our garden is long, we don’t have an enormous veg patch. For anyone wanting to grow their own, there is masses which will do well in large pot on a patio. Our courgettes are all in pots (make sure they are large pots and there is only one plant per pot) and things also rocket, radishes, strawberries and PSB….once there is space in the raised beds I will plant out the PSB but for the moment it’s doing great.

potatoes and lettuce


spinach, beetroot and more lettuce...webs wonderful and lollo rosso


peas and a big tub of rocket in the background


broad beans and fruit canes in the background


had to include a quick picture of the rest of the garden as it's looking so lovely


One last thing before I head back out to the sun, we are changing the dinner scheduled for 19th June to a Sunday lunch on the 20th June…family commitments take precedence…..but then this might make a nice treat for fathers day??…or just so you can enjoy a leisurely dinner in the sun….email or message me to save your spaces. Other dates remain the same….26th June is our next scheduled dinner after this, but feel free to ask about private dinners for groups of 6 to 12 people

Meanwhile enjoy the sun

Denise xxx

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