Fathers Day ’round the world’ lunch

Lunch on the 20th will embrace a ’round the world’ theme to celebrate some of the countries who will be playing world cup matches on the day. Sorry to those of you who don’t like football, but we are football mad in this house, so all things play second fiddle or just have to fit in with the world cup matches!!

We won’t make you watch the football at supper club but we might well theme our menu’s around different countries national dishes.

On the 20th Italy, New Zealand, Slovakia, Paraguay, Brazil and Cote d’Ivoire will be playing so the menu will include dishes from all these places…you might be able to take a guess at what we will be serving, but rest assured that it will NOT include some of the suggestions given so far…Spaghetti, nuts, beetroot, lamb or even (rather randomly) a monkeys head or a parrot….

there will however be plenty of fruit, lime, cassava, avocado, chilli, coconut, possibly a shrimp curry and maybe some Sauerkraut there will most definately be a Caprinha (or two)

To save a place (and kids are welcome as its fathers day) email moelfabansecretsupperclub@live.co.uk or call 07775828769

Denise xxx

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