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The menu for Sunday…fathers day ’round the world’ lunch

After extensive testing and tasting (it’s a hard job being a cook!!)….and a fair bit of research into the type of foods eaten by the countries playing their matches on Sunday; we have finally decided on our menu. Over the past week we have eaten Goulash, American bloody Mary burgers (recipe courtesy of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall), Tagine, Pasta and home-made pesto, Cassava, and a variety of fruit and veg of strange appearance.The menu reflects the best of these dishes.

We will start with Caipirinhas, a cocktail made with the traditional Brazilian drink Cachaca and plenty of lime which will be accompanied by a palate cleansing salad of melon balls, lime and ginger, typical flavours from Brazil, Paraguay and the Ivory Coast.

This will be followed by an Ivorian dish ‘Soupe d’avocat abidjanaise’ (a chilled avocado soup)

It was quite hard to find an Eastern European dish to fit in with this somewhat tropical menu and I find most of the food uninspiring. However, we gave a few dishes a go and the most popular (although most people said it sounded disgusting on description) was the Segedinsky Goulash…a combination of very lean pork shoulder and sauerkraut!!. Trust me, it was gorgeous and is traditional in Slovakia…

For the vegetarians and anyone else that wants it will be an Italian Caponata and both will be served with rice and mixed salad from the garden and my veg box.

For dessert we couldn’t choose between a Pavlova (evidently invented in New Zealand to honour the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova on one of her tours of the country…and a Bolo de Mandioca (Brazilian Cassava cake). Cassava or Mandioca is a common ingredient in cooking in Brazil, Paraguay and Ivory Coast so we had to include it!! We loved both desserts so will quite possibly make both anyway.

Finally we will finish with coffee and a liberal helping of Anzac biscuits, also from New Zealand…

Hope this all sounds tempting and inspires you to create similar themed menu’s….

Denise x

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