Ulrike’s Mezze-style birthday meal

The party feels like ages ago now, but it was memorable for being truly the most chilled and laid back dinner I’ve cooked so far..

There were a selection of vegan, veggie and fish-eating guests so I attempted to keep them all happy with a huge selection of Mezze dishes, a main course vegetable tagine, sorbet and vegan chocolate truffles.

White wine and Elderflower spritzer

Salmon Ceviche, Guacamole, Baba Ghanoush, Beetroot salsa, Chick peas blinis and tomato salsa, Oak smoked tomatoes, Picholine olives and marinated Manzanilla olives

 Chick pea and Okra Tagine, with Quinoa, rice and flat breads

Mixed leaf salad with fennel and Geranium flowers

 Trio of sorbet: Strawberry and red currant, mint and Green tea and Rose petal

 Coffee and truffles

 The Mezze starters went down a treat. Some of the dishes required a top up as they disappeared so quickly (the Baba Ghanoush and Guacamole in particular) and not a thing was left at the end. The Oak smoked tomatoes (which I am totally addicted to) and olives were picked up at Borough market on one of my little jaunts to London…a place I always have to pay a visit it if I’m down.

Of course this was followed by the main course…an okra and chick pea tagine, with a variety of spices and Apricots…

Guests commented that they felt as though they had eaten two main courses and weren’t sure if they could manage anything else!! So after a reasonable break dessert was served.

I took the ice-bowl idea from msmarmitelover who served a variety of sorbet in one for her Midsummer dinner in June. So simple but amazingly effective. One guest raved about it so much she has brought me many new diners and blog readers!! The bowl was filled with the three sorbet and passed around the table, requiring a refill at least once!!

The vegan chocolate truffles which accompanied coffee were a bit of an experiment and were not 100% successful. They were more solid than intended (this is down to the mix of cacao and Agave syrup…I needed more syrup and it was also suggested that a drop of coconut oil improves texture too)… but the flavour was good, I used pure 100% cacao from Willie Harcourt Cooze mixed with Agave syrup….then flavoured with either Vanilla, Cherry Brandy or Ras-al-Hanout.

strawberries and red currants from Moelyci for the sorbet


flower ice bowl

making vegan chocolate truffles

Mezze dishes for starters including Salmon Ceviche, Baba Ghanoush, Guacamole, olives, Oak smoked tomatoes, beetroot salsa and chick pea blinis with tomato salsa


Guests toasting the birthday lady (Ulrike)


table settings and mezze served

Garden salad with fennel and Geranium flowers

looking admiringly at the sorbet bowl


truffles for coffee

we had to wait for it to get dark...but we finished with sparklers

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