Supper club lesson number one-expect the unexpected

I love the unusual, bizarre and unexpected (one reason I enjoy running a supper club so much) and there was no more unusual start to the day than to have a man knock, with a black plastic bag under his arm and looking furtive, to deliver a freshly caught wild river salmon. ..’was it cotia’, my mate said. It certainly was and has to be the freshest, most delicious salmon I have ever eaten!!.

I have to admit it wasn’t totally surprising..i’d had a discussion with the chap at work about getting me one next time he went fishing, but that had been 2 days earlier so I wasn’t expecting delivery quite so quickly. On top of this i’d had a very unusual last minute spurt of bookings, which took me to a full house, when i’d actually thought i’d have to cancel following a couple of cancellations.

The unexpected salmon formed part of a mezze starter (as I’d done for the previous party, but since it went down so well I thought i’d reprise the menu with a few tweeks). The main course remained the same, a chick pea and okra tagine, but this time I also included a lamb tagine for the carnivores, accompanied by a big bowl of Tabbouleh with fresh herbs from the garden and a good handfull of Pistaccio nuts. For dessert I made  a blackcurrant and cassis trifle instead of sorbet primarily because we’d had such a glut of blackcurrants at Moelyci  (in between making fruit puree for the trifle, I have also made home made Ribena, cassis and tubs of fruit puree frozen for the winter. I think we still have around 100 punnets in the freezer at the farm shop). We finished off with a cheese course of Gorwydd Caerphilly, Perl Wen, home made spiced courgette chutney, apple and elderberry chutney from last year and coffee and mint tea.

It was also lovely to have a full house, something we haven’t has for a while and to see people prepared to travel so far to visit us (Surrey being the furthest!!…although Abergele is a fair trek too). It generally is true to say that in an area like this everyone really does know everyone…or they have friends in common, or knows someone that knows their friends etc etc… it was also another of those happy coincidences that brought a couple to dinner, that had contacts with the centre where I now work. Of course over coffee we were able to sit and chat about mutual contacts and interests and as they were pretty new to the area as residents, about the area as a whole. 

All in all it was an enjoyable, but busy only regret being not having enough time to sit and chat to everyone a bit more (we were short staffed, Rosie the waitress off in London with her mates festivalling and other usual helpers similarly engaged) and leaving Sean to cover everything I couldn’t. I’m glad to say that no one was in a hurry to depart so I did get to sit down and chat in the end!!

supper club fruit and veg order


The 5lb Ogwen River salmon...or Nessie as it was named...only an hour out of the water...can't get fresher than that!!


three types of beetroot for the beetroot salsa...white, orange and the most widely recognised purple


poor Sean who got lumbered with the job of descaling, gutting and filleting Nessie...he'd never done a salmon before and he did a fab job!! Nessie became a delicious salmon ceviche


some of our guests enjoying their starters

more guests with their Mezze platter and flat breads

plating chick pea and Okra Tagines...predictably I forgot to take pics of the lamb tagine and the Tabbouleh


blackcurrant and cassis trifles, with sugared blackcurrants to decorate

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