Thank goodness for Byron: review

I discovered Byron hamburgers by accident. I hadn’t planned on a burger for dinner, on the contrary, I was really looking for something light, healthy and with zero calories in the unrealistic hope that I would seem slightly slimmer on TV (yes, we can all succumb to a bit of silliness when faced with the prospect of cameras filming your every move). Usually I check out good places to eat in the Hardens good food guide but with so much on my mind I just forgot, not only did I have filming to stress about, I also had the teen wanting to go on a shopping trip with me and I had college lectures to prepare for. It was a busy day and I didn’t get back to my hotel in Gloucester Road until almost 8.45pm. Tired and hungry I Initially booked myself into the hotel restaurant ignoring my gut instinct that hotel restaurants are a bad idea, but these concerns came back in abundance as I sat down in a deserted room. I should have walked away there and then but stupidly I ordered. I’m think I’m going to gloss over the contents of the plate placed in front of me but suffice it to say I did not even attempt to eat it, I sent it back and left the room promptly. What surprised me was that the hotel staff knew there was a large group of good amateur cooks staying there yet there was no effort made to offer even half edible food. When asked by the reception staff what the problem was I simply said “the chef”.

Anyway, tired, hungry and now rather grumpy I wandered off towards Gloucester Road tube looking for a saving grace. Opposite the tube I spied Byron. Packed to the gills and with people queuing I guessed at least the food was good. I asked a bloke sat at one of the outside tables what he thought of his meal

“pretty good if you like burgers” he said. Well right at that moment burgers were all my rumbling stomach could think about, so in I went. I waited for a table (which took about 10 minutes, having let a couple go before me as I hung around for a smaller table) but this was fine as the lovely waiter (tall, dark, painfully cool and looking as though he should be on stage in THE latest band) brought me a drink while I stood there and in the end it was well worth it as I ended up getting one of the retro 50’s booths all to myself.

Right then I could have eaten everything on the menu but eventually opted for a cheeseburger with Monteray Jack and french fries. Service was quick and I entertained myself by subtly chatting up the waiter (who was very friendly and willing to be chatted up), food was excellent. Byron pride themselves on their no fuss approach, making proper burgers from Scottish beef, cooked medium and served in a soft bun with salad. I have to agree that they do this very well. My burger didn’t feel too heavy and the french fries were perfectly crisp and just the way I like them. Byron was an oasis in the desert and seeing as I will be back for a bit more filming I may pay them another visit….even if it’s just to flirt with the waiter again!

simple, well cooked and very tasty

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