I love my Big Chopper

A little while ago I entered a competition run by food for think. I’d almost forgotten about it until I received a message to say I’d won. Excited I awaited the arrival of my prize, a new chopping board. Not very exciting you say? Well this is not any old chopping board, on the contrary, The Big Chopper is in fact two chopping boards that very cleverly clip together to form a rather interesting and eye-popping shape. One part is red for your meat and the other… well you’ve probably put two and two together and guessed its for your veg!

Not only is the suggestively shaped item ingenious and well designed, it is also a very special chopping board since 50% of proceeds from online sales go to the male cancer charity Orchid.

Despite the teens mock horror ‘Mum!! Its penis shaped’ we’ve all used it every day since it arrived. For food preparation in the domestic kitchen it really is very useful. Its much more functional than many of my larger sized catering boards since it fits more comfortably inside the top of a saucepan to scrape vegetables from. The two parts unclip to make sure there is no cross contamination when preparing meat and vegetables and they both fit on my work surface side by side…which makes cooking dinner so much easier. They are also easier to wash in the sink and in the dishwasher being smaller than most of my other boards too.

I would definitely recommend this as a quirky and cheeky gift for a double entendre loving friend. One who likes to cook and appreciates useful and worthwhile gadgets. At £19.99 you can’t argue!

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One response to “I love my Big Chopper

  1. Food for Think

    Glad you like it!!! xx


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