I’m Denise. a food writer and chef living and working on a mountain in North Wales – although I regularly travel to London and further afield. Since starting my supper club in 2009 I have been featured in The Western Mail, Elle Decoration, The Times and Huffington Post, appeared on Britains Best Dish, cooked at Global Feast and interviewed on BBC Radio Wales.

I am committed to high quality, seasonal and local ingredients whther i’m cooking an intimate dinner for eight (at one of my supper clubs) or catering for a few hundred at weddings and festivals.

To find out more about me and how I got here, watch this video (TO COME) or read my story below.

To find out how you can work with me click on one of the links below, or if you can’t wait to get in touch heres how to contact me.

email: moelfabansuppers@gmail.com

Phone: 07775828769


Moel Faban supper Club and Moel Faban Suppers: My story.

Moel Faban (pronounced moil va-ban) secret supper club was established in October 2009 and named after the Welsh mountain on which I live (translated literally it means bald baby, but is more commonly called the baby mountain). Established as a fun thing to do after I was made redundant and drawing on my skills as a chef (I trained at Westminster College in London when I first left school) I initially intended to give it a go for a year to see if it would work in Wales, or until I got myself a ‘proper’ job. A year on it was going too well not to continue.

Cooking in the quarter finals of Britains Best Dish under the scrutiny of John Burton Race and Ed Baines

By the end of 2011 I started to consider food and catering as an alternative career. With academic jobs scarce and the economic climate in poor shape I decided it was time to do something else. Most of the research jobs I’d applied for sounded dull in comparsion to the fun I was having cooking. I was increasingly being asked to cater for private parties and dinners so in January 2011 Moel Faban Suppers (the business side of proceedings) was established.

Since then I have cooked at festivals (The Green Man is a regular client), weddings, business lunches and dinners. I have provided food for artist riders and backstage and worked as a private chef for several clients. I also started selling my own seasonal range of jams and chutney and have given several masterclasses and demonstrations on preserving (amongst other things).

Global Feast 2012 – Foodie Extravaganza in London based around the Olympics. I was invited to cook as a representative of Wales

I hold a monthly pop-up cafe at the Ogwen produce market where I serve hearty wholesome well cooked food. It’s not always fancy, but is always made with the best ingredients available and to the highest standards.

The blog

I originally started writing the blog as a means of advertising the supper club. Since I live half way up a mountain in Wales I sometimes feel over looked. I’m well off the beaten track and that is great, that is why I moved to Wales in the first place, but sometimes I need to be noticed. People needed to know about the supper club to book a table.

Now the blog has grown into what I hope is an interesting reflection on a food lovers life in Wales.  From restaurant reviews to recipes, interviews with food providers and producers, product reviews, events and festivals both in Wales and further afield I hope this blog covers them all. Sometimes I even like to go travelling (when I have the time and money) and then I write about that too.

The blog is also an opportunity to tell the rest of the UK about what I take for granted living here. Some of the producers already have a growing reputation while others deserve wider recognition. I do that as part of my writing.

My readership has now grown beyond my initial imaginings. I love writing, but as I’m dyslexic sometimes it takes me a while!

My helpers and legacy so far:

Back in 2009 there was no one else running a supper club in Wales and it was a big gamble. Now there are more of us. Calon y Gegin in Cardiff and The Raspberry Bush supper club in Cwmbran started after discussions with me…but I am still the only person doing it in the North and I so wish there were more of us!.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of the wonderful Ellie and Rosie from salad club www.saladclub.wordpress.com who gave me lots of great advice and ms marmite lover www.marmitelover.blogspot.com who also made some great suggestions, plus all my wonderful local suppliers and producers.

I have also written for:

  • Visit Wales website and am currently working with journalist Richard Johnson on the new British Street Food website

11 responses to “About

  1. Mrs Ferrier

    Bloody Marvellous!!


  2. moelfabansecretsupperclub

    Why thank you Mrs Ferrier, don’t forget to come and visit us soon for a lovely big party….(before yer old man gets you up the duff!!!)….and don’t forget to tell all your friends !!! xxxx


  3. Miki

    ” in contrast to the rich variation in local producers, there are very few good restaurants.”………… Oh how true!!!!! Will definately booking a place!


  4. Hello Denise,
    We love your blog, so we’ve nominated it for a Kreativ Blog Award.
    See the link below:
    Happy Blogging, Lee and JaneX


  5. katrina

    do you cater for vegans with your secret supper club???🙂


  6. cymraussie

    …”Once upon a time life in North Wales was pretty much a cultural and gastronomic desert”…

    Gastronomic desert perhaps but cultural! The oldest surviving language in Europe, the greatest of all Welsh painters based on Anglesey, the Eisteddfodau, the bardic tradition. The culture has always been there perhaps you were looking in the wrong places or in the wrong language.


    • Moel Faban secret supper club

      Dear Cymraussie

      This blog is about food not the culture of Wales. I am very much involved in Welsh culture (saesneg ac cymraeg) and have been for the twenty two years I have lived here. My children are involved with the Urdd and I have many Welsh musician, poet, artist and writer friends as well as those whose first language is Cymraeg.They are fans of what I do and who I am and recognise my support for all Welsh producers and suppliers and I attend their performances even if I don’t always understand what is going on.

      When I speak of Welsh culture I am discussing it in the widest possible sense, this includes dining opportunities & restaurants as well as a diverse array of music and other events. Some of the things that you mention are entirely language specific and are less accessible for those with limited Welsh language skills. As for the finest Welsh painter from Anglesey…I presume you refer to Kyffin Williams of whose talent I am very aware, but art is a matter of taste of course.

      This blog is about most, but not all things Welsh. It is personal piece of work to me and is written in English as this is MY first language. I have hundreds of readers across the world who wouldn’t be able to read this blog if it were in Welsh and as I wish to appeal to the widest possible audience that is my language of choice. Also since I am only a Welsh learner it would take me forever to translate every post….which are mostly written quickly when I have the chance!

      Felly be di dy bwynt di?

      Denise x


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  8. LOVELY to meet you last weekend and I shall be following you and your blog! Karen


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