Bread & baking:

Almond Ratafias and CoffeeI remember reading msmarmite lover ( made these for her Patrick O’Brian night. She said these were the easiest biscuits to make. Well I admit my first attempt failed dismally, they ended up flat and stuck to the tray…and no I didn’t take a picture!! On the next attempt I modified the recipe which came from the Lobscouse and Spotted Dog recipe book, but which I found online here ) I added less egg white, used ground almonds and essence rather than trying to grind my own and also added a dessertspoonful of flour. Baked in the oven til just golden (325 F, gas mark 6 I think I put them on, for about 20 minutes…but keep an eye on them…They worked perfectly

Swiss dark, rye and black sesame loaf

Perfect buttery flapjacks

Cakes galore!

Nigella’s Chocolate Guinness Cake


Irish Mule


Soupe d’avocat  abidjanaise (Ivory Coast): The recipe for this is very simple, basically take two very ripe avocados and put in a blender with a tablespoon of natural yogurt, a pint of good vegetable or chicken stock (cold) a couple of good splashes of tabasco, 2 tablespoons of lime juice and some salt and pepper. Whizz together well and then chill. Serve garnished with a thin slice of lime and a dash of tabasco.

Frugal winter minestrone


Green Papaya, cucumber and carrot salad with palm sugar, ginger, lime and coriander root- shred with a potato peeler to make fine ribbons, one green (it has to be unripe for it to work) Papaya, one small English cucumber and a large peeled carrot. Mix the juice from a lime, half a teaspoon or so of palm sugar, a small knob of grated ginger, seasoning and finely chopped coriander root (and if you are NOT vegan you could also add some dried shrimp)…mix together and serve…with fried bean curd if you want….This was pretty hit and miss. You have to just keep tasting the dressing til it’s right, not too gingery, or too sweet, or too sour…..

Eggs & cheese:

Tortilla with wild garlic and thyme

Yotam Ottolenghi’s saffron taglietelle

Ice cream:

Frozen mango and coconut cream with Tamarind sorbet and sesame caramel: – for the Tamarind sorbet I used one pack of semi-dried Tamarind and that served up to 12 people. I made a sugar syrup with about half a pint of water and 4oz (100g) sugar. The pulped the Tamarind into it. I then sieved it until I was left with the seeds. I then put them back in the pan and sort of rinsed them with a bit more hot water to get as much of the pulp as possible. To the liquid I added the juice of a couple of limes. I then left the mixture to go cold and then churned it till semi-frozen in an ice-cream machine…but you can just freeze it in a tub and give it a bit of a stir when it is half-frozen. My machine is crap anyway, but it does the job at getting a bit of lightness into the sorbet and that’s what you want.


Lamb Merguez stew

Poultry & Game:

Chicken liver and Cognac parfait


Scandinavian style fish cakes

2 responses to “Recipes

  1. Yummo! Your menus look brilliant, love the round the world lunch especially, what a treat:) Thought about doing a World Cup lunch from the countries in our group (all got a bit excited about it over this way,and it wasnt Rugby for once!) ….but I was a bit stumped over what people like to eat in Slovakia, or Paraguay for that matter (Italy & NZ a tad easier!)


    • moel faban secret supper club

      Thanks, its really nice reading comments from other supper clubs, especially when you are situated on the other side of the world!! I definately had to scout about for Slovakian recipes, but the Gulas was a winner (even if it sounded weird). Of course the Pavlova and Anzac biscuits were awesome!!!

      Denise x


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