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Olympic opening ceremony and Global Feast

There was a tangible buzz of excitement rippling through East London as I began my Global Feast journey. Despite predictions there was no travel chaos, my trip between Ebbsfleet International and Stratford international was simple and quick (ten minutes from Kent to East London!!) although I was travelling at 10am and it did get busier as the day progressed.

As mentioned in my earlier post, Global Feast is a twenty night dining extravaganza coinciding with the London Olympics. More of a fringe event, it acts as an antidote to the corporate pressures pushed by the Olympic sponsors and instead focuses on the glorious eclecticism of the UK. This country is home to so many nationalities, cuisines, personalities and talents all living cheek by jowl on this small island and each night of Global Feast celebrates these talents and heritage of a different chef or chefs.

Then there is the table where guests seat themselves in a different country and are encouraged to move around to a different continent between courses. Alex Haw’s Worldscape table is an equidistant cylindrical map of the world showing its peaks, troughs and centres of habitation marked out by tiny lights set into the table. It is a perfect work of art and design and I’m only sorry that it wasn’t finished on the night I cooked (its intricacy and problems with machinery meant that completion was delayed).

If Alex was the artist and host for the night, his counterpart Kerstin Rogers (aka msmarmitelover) was the talented curator and coordinator of food. She is a small explosion of a woman. Loud, bold, direct and disconcertingly (for some) forthright. She can be rude and blunt but working with her on this project, up close and personal, gave me an insight into how she makes big things happen and how open, generous, supportive and good fun she is. I had a fantastic time! Clearly staging such an event is highly challenging and stressful and there were moments of near disaster (when we lost power to the fryers; as I almost had a flap because my first batch of gingerbread went wrong, no numbers on the cooker dial meant I turned it down instead of up!!; and it was such a hot day that everything kept melting, but no one lost their head and with help of the ‘backstage team’ (my unsung hero’s) Colin (from lovefood), Kiren (highly accomplished chef from The Bladebone Inn) and Linn (guest chef for Northern European night but helping out in between) it all came together. In Kiren’s words that’s why everyone loves British chefs, they just get on with it.

So here it is, in fabulous Technicolor pictures (courtesy of Kate Withstandley art blogger and my official photographer for the evening…as of course I was too busy!)

Starter of blue cheese salad with mixed leaves, flowers, pickled radish, pickled sour cherries and toasted oats by Aoife Behan of Jelly&gin, my co-chef for the nights

The menu, map napkins and beautiful plates with a relief of London

waitresses at our field kitchen and Col from lovefood

plating main course

fish (sustainable pollack in beer batter) with crispy chips sprinkled with truffle salt, French peas (cooked in white wine) and home-made tartar sauce cooked by Kerstin as her quintessentially English dish

plating my dessert: Apple and cinnamon tart, salted caramel sauce, Welsh ginger bread

The finished dish, completed with glass of Penderyn Welsh whisky

Kerstin’s world pop’s

My roll call of sponsors and suppliers:

  • Penderyn Whisky. Gorgeous Welsh whisky with a smooth honey flavour that paired beautifully with the spices in my dessert
  • Nantmor Welsh shiitake mushrooms
  • Snowdonia cheese company. Black bomber cheddar
  • The tomato stall. Oak smoked tomatoes
  • Calon Wen butter
  • Shipton Mill Plain flour
  • Halen Mon sea salt and vanilla salt
  • Cotswold Gold white truffle oil
  • Steenbergs organic fairtrade spices
  • Redcurrants from Moelyci environmental centre

Thank you to you all x

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Global Feast 2012, the opening nights

That table…being built

Well, it’s started. Global Feast 2012 is a huge, ambitious underground culinary event that coincides with the Olympic Games and West African raw, vegan chef Chris Massamba got everything off to a flying start this week. Last night was the turn of the Mediterranean cooks. I would have loved to attend had it not been for the fact I had rather a lot of canapes to prepare!

And here we are today. British food night and my turn to feed the world. Along with Aoife Behan of jelly & gin and Kerstin Rogers (Msmarmite lover herself) we will be serving up the best from our shores.

I’m on pudding duty and will be creating a riot of Welsh tastes…with a bit of Kent (the place where I was born) thrown in for good measure.

I will be serving canapes; oak smoked tomato and Snowdon black bomber and Nantmor shiitake mushroom, with thyme and Cotswold gold white truffle oil. Not forgetting the pastry made with Calon Wen butter, Shipton Mill flour and Halen Mon salt.

Pudding consists of Apple and cinnamon tarts, Welsh gingerbread, Bara brith and Penderyn whisky ice cream and Vanilla salted caramel sauce. All served with a shot of Penderyn Whisky to whom I owe a big thank you for sponsoring my dish. The whisky is just the best!

The table is just amazing, the chefs are too…this event is NOT to be missed. There was a real busy of excitement at the press night on Wednesday and a flurry of lovely write ups following. Roll on tonight!!

my favourite canapes of the night by Anna Hansen of the Modern Pantry

Alex Haw of atmos studios introducing the event and talking about that amazing table

BOOK NOW and don’t miss out. There is something to tempt everyone’s palate.

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