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Fathers Day ’round the world’ lunch

Lunch on the 20th will embrace a ’round the world’ theme to celebrate some of the countries who will be playing world cup matches on the day. Sorry to those of you who don’t like football, but we are football mad in this house, so all things play second fiddle or just have to fit in with the world cup matches!!

We won’t make you watch the football at supper club but we might well theme our menu’s around different countries national dishes.

On the 20th Italy, New Zealand, Slovakia, Paraguay, Brazil and Cote d’Ivoire will be playing so the menu will include dishes from all these places…you might be able to take a guess at what we will be serving, but rest assured that it will NOT include some of the suggestions given so far…Spaghetti, nuts, beetroot, lamb or even (rather randomly) a monkeys head or a parrot….

there will however be plenty of fruit, lime, cassava, avocado, chilli, coconut, possibly a shrimp curry and maybe some Sauerkraut there will most definately be a Caprinha (or two)

To save a place (and kids are welcome as its fathers day) email moelfabansecretsupperclub@live.co.uk or call 07775828769

Denise xxx

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New date added and menu ideas for summer suppers

I’ve added a new date in celebration of Midsummer….Monday June 21st…which is the day after our Fathers Day lunch…a good way to spend Monday evening? Hopefully it will be a lovely sunny evening dinner, with lots of fresh produce from the garden. The menu will be celebrating the best of summer and vegetarians are very much encouraged…

Mezze inspired menu with lots of lovely fresh dishes, salsa, local seafood, cheeses and fresh fruit….cocktails, twinkly lights, candles and magic in the air!…

Feel free to dress in your best floaty fairy outfit and come and while away the evening…

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Research for the BIG WEEKEND warm up supper and party

Carrying out some research for our ‘food references in music’ menu for the BIG WEEKEND warm up party was the source of much hilarity….really, I never knew there were so many, although many only vaguely mention food in the title and not at all in the song, while it was quite difficult to find food references in songs if it wasn’t in the title!! !! I think we did quite well with our extensive (if not totally inclusive) list….

Seeing as it is music and rock and roll, we found plenty of alcohol related songs, titles or lyrics for example, The Streets -Too much Brandy or Dinah Washington- Me and my gin.
Gin, wine and beer seemed to stand out as being the most popular drinks in music think UB40’s-Red, red wine, Snoop doggy dogg’s-gin and juice

The teen’s contribution to the drink theme was ‘my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’…which I’m very sure it does….but like many of the songs we found with food or drink related titles, isn’t really about food. Anything with a title that included the words sugar, honey, or candy or in this case milkshake is probably referring to other sweet offerings!

Back on the alcohol theme she also suggested Kesha-Dolla particularly the part where she says ‘Before I leave brush ma teeth with a bottle of Jack’. I like the idea of having a drop of Jack on the menu.

The other half went for the play on words approach coming up with Ragoo-Kings of Leon, River of Bass-Underworld, Ace of Bass, or Scooby snacks-Fun loving Criminals and Rokit-Herbie Hancock. He then went off on his own little random roll with ‘Cod is a DJ’ ‘Rice, rice baby’ and bizarrely trans-fatty acid-Lamb. I had to stop him before he got too silly, but before I could do that he was joined by Sophie the seamstress who added Sade-‘smoothie operator’ and Kate Nash ‘my hands are moulding into the shape of a crustacean’….somebody kill me now!!!

Most food references were in the titles but we did find some songs with food in the lyrics.

The streets-don’t mug yourself ‘2 plates of full English with plenty of scrambled eggs and plenty of fried tomatoes’
Or Men at work- Land down under ‘he just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich’ and 50 cent- ‘I love you like a fat kid loves cake’.

Then we aptly found Faithless-Insomnia ‘make my way to the refrigerator, one dry potato inside, no lie, not even bread, jam’ not that we wanted to put one dry potato on the menu.

Gorillaz-superfast jellyfish references carrots and chicken and the Black eye pea’s references rice and peas and chicken stuffing.

So far our favourite rock and pop inspired possibilities include
‘My Boy lollipop’-Millie,

‘Performance and cocktails’ (were ignoring their ‘too many sandwiches’ as there is no place for sarnies on the menu)

For seafood references we found ‘Pulling mussels from a shell ‘-Squeeze, ‘Rock lobster’- B52’s or ‘Spicy Snapper’-Ian Pooley any of which would make a great starter.

A gin and tonic sorbet might have to be in there somewhere as a nod to all of those gin related songs and of course Carrot cake for pudding after ‘Carrot cake and wine’-Stereophonics along with ‘Ice cream’-New Young Pony club.

Nirvana’s ‘Big cheese’ and Portishead’s ‘Biscuit’ will of course be served with coffee.

Thanks to our mate Rich for his Rock lobster suggestion, although I think we should skip the ‘I’m a spam eating homo, by Blah and an even bigger thank you to Sophie for her suggestion of the day Blur-Bank holiday

‘Grandma needs new dentures
To eat the crust on pizza
Been taken out by her daughter
Because she thought she oughta
The kids are eating Snickers
Because they’re so delicious
Then there’s sticky fingers
And mother loses her knickers
Bank holiday comes six times a year
Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers
Bank holiday comes with a six pack of beer
Then it’s back to work
Barbecue is cooking
Sausages and chicken….’

Well, I haven’t lost my knickers (yet)…but there’s always time for that!!!!….The song kind of has it all there!!! I’m sure there are loads of good, if not better references out there….including
Beatles-Strawberry Fields
Queen-…fried chicken in there somewhere
Madonna-Hard Candy
Presidents of the USA-Peaches
Herbie Hancock-Watermelon Man
Tom Waits-Chocolate Jesus (plus others)
Snow Patrol-Chocolate
Whipped cream and other delights-Sergio Mendes
D’Angelo-Brown Sugar

With the bunch of songs we have I’m not sure were aiming for a gourmet menu on the night, but it will good home cooked food, lots of fun and truly rock n roll inspired for anyone who fancies a party!!…and of course after dinner drinks are a definite (brushing our teeth with a bottle of Jack!!)

Cocktails (maybe Pina Colada….good old Barry Manilow!!) and milkshake lollies
Homemade Vegemite breadsticks
Either a lobster, snapper or mussel starter
Possibly homemade pizza with rocket ….or fried or grilled chicken with rice and peas
Gin and tonic sorbet
Cheese and Crackers
Carrot cake and ice cream

If you fancy it email moelfabansecretsupperclub@live.co.uk to book a place or call us on 07775 828769
Denise xx

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BIG Weekend warm up supper, followed by an after party!!

We will be hosting a BIG weekend warm up supper on Friday 21st…..just so I can take my hangover with me on Saturday!!!
The Menu has yet to be decided…but i’m thinking a menu celebrating food in songs….i’m on to the research!!!

to save a place email moelfabansecretsupperclub@live.co.uk

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Now taking bookings for March

Our next evenings will be held on the 13th March and the 20th March….the former a lovely Mothers Day dinner…with Champagne and lots of yummy seasonal dishes…the latter will be a Roman feast (toga’s optional)

Also new cookery classes have been added to the ‘about’ page….to be scheduled for the second Wednesday and Saturday of every month (depending on bookings and numbers). Classes cost £30 a head (or £25 for a group of 4 or more) and include ingredients and 2 to 3 hours tuition (plus eating time to try your creations). Classes will begin on 17th April and then will be held 15th May..other dates will be added later…

email to reserve a space

Denise xx

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Still spaces for our Punjabi night next Saturday

With special guest cook Rani from Joginders supper club in London coming to cook up a Punjabi feast…..its not often you will get the opportunity to taste authentic Indian cuisine here in North Wales…so come along and make the most of it!!!

Denise xx

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Happy New Year and looking forward to the future

Next dates for the supper club will be

Burns night supper on Thursday 28th January….poetry, Haggis (vege and non-vege) and lots of whiskey. If you would like to book contact soon as there is already lots of interest…if you’d like to read some poetry let me know

Reprise of Burns night on Saturday 30th same as above

‘Anti’ Valentines day lunch Sunday 14th February….not really ‘anti but for all of you that are single. If you would like to meet new people and enjoy a down to earth family Sunday lunch without having to hold hands over the table come join us!!!

Date still to be confirmed for the Indian banquet (with guest cooks from Joginders supper club in London)…but let me know if you are interested as i’m taking bookings already

More to be announced later

Denise xxx

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