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The Underground night market

We came, we saw, we drank cocktails (served by hot bartender Richard from juicology whom my sister took a liking to…I seem to have a lot of photographs of him on my camera strangely enough!), we ate Mauritian street food, I made trifle in the kitchen, bought some fantastic cheeses which I served at supper club on Saturday night from the Deli station and Artisan cheese merchant La Cremerie and generally made merry. Unfortunately I didn’t take nearly enough pictures (as usual).

Richard from Juicology 'he looks like Jude Law' my sister claimed as she went off for her 5th cocktail

Artisan cheeses from the deli station

More cheese, this time from La Cremerie

It was lovely to renew old acquaintances from earlier markets (the lovely Lex from Lex Eats) and make new friends like Ms M from me old china and her covetable vintage goods (her hubby was DJ’ ing in the bedroom which according to my sister made them officially the coolest couple at the market), Laurence from French Made, Sue from the art of puddings and all the other women with whom I shared the front room.

The very glamorous Laurence from French Made with her gorgeous array of meringues, biscuits, macaroons etc.

Lex from Lex Eats

my jam table

me old china

My trifle demo was a little hit and miss; not the prettiest result,  but it was still delicious according to all who got the chance to have a taste and an added bonus being that my jams sold pretty well.

Other interesting moments included chatting to the guys from the Clink, a newly established restaurant based in High Down prison in Surrey; being told in great detail about the cheese I was buying at 11.15 at night after having drunk many cocktails (and of course forgetting it all by the time I got home) and being chatted to by a lovely young woman from Wales whose father just happened to have been one of my lecturers at Bangor University! It really is a small world. I wish I’d chatted properly to the guys from Treflach farm in Shropshire, and Italian artisan food deli and fellow supper clubbers Squisito but I was just too busy trying to sell jam and stop my sister chucking herself at the cocktail man!

The market was a great success, a food rave? Perhaps. We had some top tunes, live music, a bonfire, and it certainly ran way past its planned conclusion. At one point the local constabulary paid a visit (stones being thrown by kids apparently), we pondered over whether they were the adult entertainment…or whether we could bribe them with food to become the adult entertainment…but then gave up. One of them was a bit too Magnum PI although the younger one was quite cute.

Big thanks to ms marmite lover for opening up her home to hundreds of people and I’m sure she can be forgiven for being a touch cranky at times, I think I would have developed a slightly murderous persona with that many people parading through my house!

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