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Wing Asylum…pop-up cafe


Home Made hot crossed buns and brownies Photo courtesy of Kate W photography

This was the second excursion for Nina Farrell and Asa Medhurst’s Wing Assignment...this time in a very different venue to the Red Bull Studio’s where the exhibition was first shown and now with a new name.

Asylum chapel in Peckham this time played host to Wing Asylum, where work from the first exhibition hung alongside new pieces and installations. Children’s art workshops took place on Good Friday run by artists and directors of Asylum,  Dido Hallett and Jo Dennis of CBBC ‘Deadly Art’ fame.

After helping at the first exhibition Nina approached me with a proposition. Would I run a pop-up cafe for attendees at the workshops? Of course I agreed. Art is almost as big a passion as food and writing and being part of this growing exhibition is very exciting. Had I known just how cold it would be I might have reconsidered, but probably not. On Thursday night (the private view) temperatures plummeted and we almost developed hyperthermia. Only the numbing effect of Courvoiser punch (and an emergency bag of hot chips) kept us warm. For the workshops I stocked up on hot drinks (lots of tea, Providero artisan coffee and Anglesey apple juice…sadly the microwave gave up the ghost so hot chocolate was off the menu), donned the fur coat and thermals and stuck on my gloves to combat the chill of what had turned out as the coldest Easter on record.  Kids queued for fairy cakes while coffee  heated the adults inside and out (and combated the hangovers of those who were there the previous evening).

Instead of going on endlessly about the exhibition and cafe, here are a few pictures…more a of a postcard from Peckham if you like!

2007-06-07 05.28.54

2007-06-07 05.30.05

Baba Yaga Hut Maria Strutz

2007-06-08 00.36.12

The food table


Wing Fairy Cakes Photo courtesy of Kate W photography

2007-06-08 01.08.26

2007-06-08 01.09.00


Photo courtesy of Kate W photography

2007-06-08 01.15.43

Bird installation

2007-06-08 01.15.55

Atomique Florence Garrabe

2007-06-08 01.16.14

2007-06-08 01.16.48

Wings Christopher Baxter

2007-06-08 01.17.06

Fledgling Shaun McGrath

2007-06-08 01.17.40

Detail of slate wings

2007-06-08 01.18.10

Jo Dennis

2007-06-08 01.18.31

The Rapture Elodie Lefebvre

2007-06-08 01.18.43

Jo Dennis

2007-06-08 05.22.00

On a Cloudy Day Tisna Westerhof (the teens favourite)

2007-06-08 05.22.27

Lift Off 2 Soforbis

2007-06-08 05.23.09

Here, but I cannot stay for long Gillian Swan

2007-06-08 05.24.15

Armour Fiona Michie

2007-06-08 05.19.16

The Wing Assignment will soon be having its last outing entitled FINAL FLIGHT – SELECTED DRAWINGS, PRINTS, PHOTOGRAPHY AND SCULPTURE at the William Road Gallery, 7-9 William Road, London NW1 3ER. from 8-26 April 2013 / 9-6pm Monday – Friday

As this closes work will begin on the new project The Scent Assignment. Having got myself a sneak preview of the scent itself, I eagerly wait to see what will transpire. Sorry, not allowed to give anything away…you either have to take part or wait for the exhibition.

If you wish to hire Moel Faban Suppers to run a pop-up cafe or vintage tea stall at your event just drop me an email

moelfabansuppers@gmail.com or give me a call on 07775828769.

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